Team SSD M.2 2TB MP34 ,NVMe (3500/2900 MB/s) - >2000TBW

Formát:M.2; Kapacita pevného disku (v GB):2 000; Rozhranie:M.2 (NVMe); Typ disku:SSD.... viac
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Team SSD M.2 2TB MP34 ,NVMe (3500/2900 MB/s) - >2000TBW


  • Using new generation of 3D flash memory: Capacity, performance, and durability are greatly improved.
  • PCIe interface – Supports latest NVMe 1.3 protocol.
  • M.2 2280 specification: Supports the next-generation platforms of Intel and AMD. Suitable for both desktop and notebook.
  • Long endurance over 2000TBW
  • Product warranty – 5-year product warranty. Free technical support service.


Model MP34 M.2 PCIe SSD
Interface PCIe 3.0 x4 with NVMe 1.3
Capacity 2TB
Performance Crystal Disk Mark:
2TB Read/Write: up to 3,500/2,900 MB/s
Read/Write: 450K/400K IOPS Max
Voltage DC +3.3V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 80 x 22 x 3.8 mm
Weight 6g
Operation Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 80°C
Terabyte Written 2TB / >2,000TB
Humidity RH 90% under 40°C (operational)
Vibration 80Hz~2,000Hz/20G
Shock 1,500G/0.5ms
MTBF 1,800,000 hours
Operating System System Requirements:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Linux 2.6.33 or later
Warranty 5-year limited warranty

Offering top performance

Offering top performance

The new force, MP34 has joined TEAMGROUP’s M.2 solid state drive series. MP34 supports the latest ultra-fast PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, NVMe1.3 specs, and M.2 2280 PCIe SSD specs. The MP34 is also equipped with DRAM Cache that delivers superior performance in continuous read/write speed of 3,000/2,600MB/s. It is capable of reducing operating delays of the operating system and game/software, and delivers the finest and smoothest gaming experience and an extreme high speed performance without any lag even reading/writing large amounts of game data, complex graphics and motion processing algorithms, or loading heavy duty video/graphics editing software.

Transfer performance is 5 times higher than the SATA III interface

In an era when speed matters, shifting to develop PCIe interface has become a trend for M.2 solid state drive. The MP34 M.2 PCIe SSD uses PCIe Gen3 x4 high speed transfer interface. With the support of PCIe bus bandwidth, it can offer a transfer speed of at least 2000MB/s, or up to over 3000MB/s, which is 5 times higher than the SATA III interface and allows you to hop on board the high speed train that straight to the core of performance.

Transfer performance is 5 times higher than the SATA III interface
Support NVMe1.3 standard

Support NVMe1.3 standard

MP34 M.2 PCIe SSD supports the latest NVMe1.3 protocol. The system communicates with it through PCIe bus and connects to the built-in PCIe controller of the chipset or processor, so the signal transfer is as simple, precise as point to point, that offers you a pleasant high-performance transfer experience, without a bit of lag or delay.

Reliable advanced technology

The MP34 M.2 PCIe SSD supports S.M.A.R.T. function and its built-in smart algorithm management mechanism has functions are able to ensure operation efficiency, prolong the service life of the SSD and bring it to its maximum performance. Meanwhile, the powerful Wear-Leveling technology and ECC (Error Correction Code) function improve the accuracy of data transfer and prolong the service life of flash memory.

Reliable advanced technology
Kapacita pevného disku (v GB)
2 000
M.2 (NVMe)
Typ disku
Typ disku
2500MB/s a víc
Typ disku
3000MB/s a víc
Typ disku

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Team SSD M.2 2TB MP34 ,NVMe (3500/2900 MB/s) - >2000TBW

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